Popular resistance joins efforts to heal Palestinian rift

[ 25/04/2011 - 11:15 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Secretary-general of the popular resistance movement Abu Qasem Daghmash said his movement would meet with Hamas and Fatah factions in an attempt to bridge the gap between them and end the inter-Palestinian division.

During his meeting on Sunday with officials from different resistance factions including Hamas, Daghmash added that a delegation from his movement met recently with Egyptian officials to support its efforts to achieve the Palestinian reconciliation.

He affirmed that he intends to meet separately with officials from Hamas and Fatah in order to bring together different points of view between the two factions.

The movement head stated in the meeting that his movement had been invited to go to Cairo in order to discuss about the truce with the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian reconciliation.

The official briefed leaders of the factions about the consultations that took place between the popular resistance delegation and Egyptian officials in Cairo.

For their part, leaders of the factions appreciated the efforts made by the popular resistance to end the internal division in the Palestinian arena and stressed the need for creating the atmosphere for the national reconciliation, reforming the Palestinian liberation organization (PLO) and agreeing on a national program protecting the Palestinian people's right to defend themselves.

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