PA must not give in to Israeli blackmail following Nablus incident

[ 25/04/2011 - 09:38 PM ]

News analysis by Khalid Amayreh

The fatal shooting of a fanatical Jewish settler near Nablus on Sunday, ostensibly at the hands of a Palestinian policeman, is being taken advantage of rather excessively by the Zionist regime.

The settlers themselves, who always portray themselves as perpetual victims, went on a rampage of violence and terror against innocent Palestinian civilians in several localities in the West Bank . A Number of Palestinians are reported to have been injured, some seriously.

Other settlers in other parts of the West Bank have vowed to carry out acts of terror against innocent but unprotected Palestinian villagers and travelers.

Israeli government officials from the prime minister to the lowest ranking cabinet minister have lost their composure, claiming that whoever shot the fanatical settler must have been a terrorist dressed in a military uniform. The Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu urged the Palestinian Authority (PA) that it ought to take "harsh steps" against whoever fired at the settler.

Speaking in a threatening tone, and apparently seeking to placate genocidal settlers, Netanyahu demanded that the PA take serious and swift steps against "the terrorists who committed this criminal act."

Defense Minister Ehud Barak, the certified war criminal who carries on his hands tons of innocent Palestinian blood, also spoke in threatening tones, ignoring the fact that thousands of Palestinians have been killed by the Zionist killing machine.

The weak PA regime is apparently caving in to Zionist pressure. The PA governor of Nablus Jebril Bakri said a thorough investigation into the incident would be carried out soon. He stopped short of saying that the police officer accused of shooting the settler would be prosecuted.

It is hoped that the PA will not succumb to Zionist pressure and blackmail. After all, it was the settler and his fellow terrorists and fanatics who stormed an area that is supposed to be under full PA security control. The fanatical and genocidal terrorists did so in violation of even outstanding instructions by the Israeli occupation army which bars settlers' entry into Nablus without prior coordination with the PA and without government escort.

Hence, one could argue convincingly and logically that the Palestinian police officers in the area behaved in accordance with instructions under existing circumstances.

Indeed, how else a Palestinian police officer should have behaved, watching a group of armed and fanatical settlers about to storm a heavily-populated Palestinian neighborhood? Should he have allowed the settler to proceed, perhaps to carry out acts of terror and murder against innocent women, men and children as the arch-terrorist Baruch Goldstein did at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron in 1994?

More to the point, it is well known that the settlers are really para-military terrorists awaiting an opportune time to murder Palestinians, steal their land, and vandalize their property.

Indeed, even without having a dead settler at hand, the settlers would still attack Palestinians with or without a reason. It is well known, for example, that the settlers have torched several Mosques in various parts of the West Bank as part of the so-called "price tag policy" whereby Palestinians and their property would be attacked every time the Israeli occupation army moved to dismantle a settler outpost.

Interestingly, the Israeli occupation army has consistently failed to provide the unprotected Palestinians with protection against settler violence, terror, and savagery.

In the final analysis, a snake wouldn't bite its own tail and the settlers themselves wouldn't wage their organized terror against the legitimate people of the land without a certain level of coordination or connivance with the army.

The settlers, whether we like or not and regardless of Israeli propaganda, are the Judeo Nazis of our time, as they have been labeled by some Jewish intellectuals. Imagine how these supremacist thugs relate to Palestinians and you will realize that decent Jews wouldn't want to live with them, not only in the same neighborhood, but in the same town.

It is well known that the settlers, these inherently racist Judeo Nazis, are indoctrinated in a hateful ideology they say is based on teachings of the Talmud and Torah. This virulent doctrine, which is rejected by many decent Jews but adopted rather blindly and zealously by a majority of Israeli Jews, gives non-Jews in occupied Palestine the choice between enslavement to Jews, as symbolized by the Biblical terms water carriers and wood hewers, and violent deportation or expulsion. If these two alternatives didn’t work, then the third alternative would be genocide.

Unfortunately, these thugs are not a small minority in Israel . One can argue rather candidly that they now represent the mainstream in Israel as the Israeli Jewish society continues to drift to a kind of Jewish fascism and jingoism that is reminiscent to Germany in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

More to the point, it is crystal clear that the settlers and their supporters are the main and central obstacle to any prospective dignified peace deal between Jews and Arabs in occupied Palestine.

Hence, one exaggerates very little by saying that unless the government of Israel seriously reins in these thugs, there will be more and more bloodshed and violence and terror, because the Palestinian people will not allow themselves to be intimidated or terrorized by the settlers.

Once again, we hope the PA won't budge to Zionist arrogance and insolence. After all, settler blood is not more precious than Palestinian blood which has been spilt superfluously in Gaza recently.

Succumbing to Zionist dictates, God forbid would only underscore PA subservience to the will of the Israeli occupation.

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