How would you like to live in America after these extremists get through destroying the government and the middle class?


You have been living abroad now for a few years; you are too busy with your business abroad, trying to stay afloat after the world-wide economic crisis. Oh, yes, you watch the news on CNN once in a while and turn it off after a few minutes of getting a dose of misery and destruction…it is happening in America but you refuse to accept it…you are in denial.

You then decide to return to the US and made reservations in the only airline left that still has the appearance of running. You find out when you get to the airport that the flight was canceled, you return the next day and it is the same story. Finally on the third day you are able to catch an overcrowded flight in an airplane that has seen better days and it was devoid of flight attendants. People were smoking and carried their own food. The 11 hour flight was then re-routed to Maryland because there were no air traffic controllers left at Kennedy airport. Airports are deserted…they look like cemeteries. But this is not a setback it is actually a fortuitous twist of fate…you didn’t want to go to New York; your destination was Maryland anyhow.

You disembark and the customs and security are gone…there is only one person from the government to check in all these arriving passengers; it is just a formality for it would be unthinkable that he would even check the computer for anyone listed as a terrorist…besides, it would make no sense since there are enough home grown terrorists already in our cities. It totally confounds you and it blows your mind when you get out to the sidewalk to get a taxi…there are none. Instead, there are these opportunists who want to charge $120 to get you downtown; you can’t blame them; after all, gasoline is $15 per gallon if you can get it.

You had watched on CNN some of the news of the riots and the destruction; you thought it was in isolated places and yet, when you are entering the city you now realize how widespread the destruction really is. You pass under an overpass and notice dozens of families living in tents. Then you see in the horizon columns of smoke that are still smoldering from the riots that happened two days ago. The driver tells you that he has to take the long way because there is a collapsed bridge…that is a frequent reality in these times…hundreds of people die every day from cars driving into the open where a bridge should have been, others fall along with it as it collapses.

You feel anxiety, you have a feeling of foreboding, you are dumbfounded by how bad things have gotten. President Obama was defeated in the 2012 elections and there is a new President in the White House; his name is Donald Trump…yep, the same clown that you watched on television doing some asinine show called “The Apprentice”. You recognize him when you see a poster in the broken shop window that says: “HOW MUCH MORE SACRIFICE, MR. PRESIDENT?”

It bothers you that you feel totally unsafe; you know that you are because you haven’t seen a single policeman and you have been in the city for over five hours now. You are hungry and you need to shower…but the hotel has no running water and the electricity went out twenty minutes after you checked in. The hotel desk said that it was something normal and that they were trying to get fuel to run the generator. So you then set out to find a restaurant…thinking from past experiences that there are plenty of gourmet restaurants in the neighborhood and you remember one in particular that you liked from the time you lived here before. You walk the thirty blocks and find the place boarded up. You walk some more and one after the other all the restaurants and cafes in this section of town are closed. You finally settle for the only food available for miles around: McDonalds. You remembered that you never liked them before but now they seem to be serving rotten meat and awful tasting fries…what the fuck, did they fry these French fried potatoes in motor oil?

You walk back to the hotel and on the way you pass a grocery store…one of the few that remain in business. There is a crowd in front so you go to investigate. What seemed like a demonstration were actually people hovering around a dead woman who had been assaulted earlier. One of the store clerks said that she had just been in the store and walked out with two bags of groceries. The bags are not anywhere near the body…Shit, they actually killed her to steal her groceries!

You return to the hotel and tried using the telephone…no dial tone; you wanted to call your relatives and let them know you had arrived; perhaps someone would be able to come and pick you up. So you try to go to sleep in the hot room devoid of windows that open and the heat is unbearable. You can’t really sleep anyhow…in the distance you hear shots…shattering the silence of the night…there are people screaming, wailing, crying…it is all very disturbing. You can’t wait until morning because you are going to set out and actually walk to your family’s house…that is approximately 4 miles from your hotel.

Morning comes and it does not bring with it the hope of a bright new day…as you step out into the street it seems eerily quiet; you walk a few blocks and you notice some gathering of people…there are quite a few and they all seem to belong to some motorcycle gang. You hurry to get away and continue your long trek. You pass by a bombed out car…people incinerated inside of it and still burning. When you finally arrive at the gated community, you now have blisters on your feet and you are ravishingly hungry. You notice that the security guards at the gates are no longer there.

As you enter the community almost all the houses have a bank foreclosure sign in the front. There were a few even burnt out shells. You get to your family’s house and they greet you not with glee but with very gloomy and uncharacteristic disdain. You asked what was wrong, were they not happy to see you? The answer was: “Of course, but we worry that you are just one more mouth to feed and the marauders came by yesterday and took all of our food and anything of value.

Talking to your family they informed you that everyone is now unemployed. The bank where your brother worked folded, his wife was laid off months ago from her job at the Driver’s License and your mom is without medicine now for a month. They tell you that they even stopped counting the unemployed because the agency that does that is also closed. The last numbers were 34% unemployment, but now who the fuck knows.

You are now convinced that you should have done something and that everyone else should have also. But people were too apathetic or totally misguided by the only television channel left in operation: FOX NEWS. Now you know; now you realize that the very wealthy left the country, the Teabaggers took over and America lies in ruins.

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